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Health Information Management (HIM)
HIM Competency Framework
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IT Competency Framework
Administrative Support Technology (AST)
AST Competency Framework
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Curate Your Own Learning with Free/Low-Cost Learning Resources Tied to Competencies currently focuses on three career pathways: provides you with the competencies for degrees and certificates associated with each of these career pathways. We have also aligned free and low-cost learning resources to each of these competencies, so that you can learn everything you need to know with as little cost as possible. You can locate these learning resources using the search bar above or through your personalized learning plan and track your progress with a custom MyHigherEd dashboard. Start your personalized learning plan and use all of the features of by enrolling in MyHigherEd for free now.

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Health Information Management (HIM)
Information Technology (IT)
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CybraryOER CommonsLynda.comK2WLord Fairfax Community College (LFCC)Learning RegistryAmerican Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)Zinc Learning Labs

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