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HigherEd.org has changed in order to better serve our users. The features you're used to using on HigherEd.org have been relocated to our Knowledge to Work site. In addition to serving learners, KnowledgeToWork.com now has resources and features to serve employers, job seekers, and service organizations too. HigherEd.org still provides in-depth information about competency-based education (CBE), including a list of online CBE-related resources. KnowledgeToWork.com helps learners obtain the skills they need, helps job seekers explore and find fulfilling careers, and helps employers manage the talent pipeline and connect with job candidates that have the competencies they need.

Everything you liked about HigherEd.org is now available on KnowledgeToWork.com. Plus, many new features are currently being developed to help you learn and get the job you want. They will be ready soon, so check back often. If you've opted to receive email messages from us, we’ll write and let you know when they’re ready. Thanks for using HigherEd.org and now KnowledgeToWork.com!
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