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Administrative Support Technology (AST) Competency Framework

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The number of available resources are displayed in parentheses. Click on a competency to search for related learning resources then choose from the results. You may not need to learn every resource associated with a competency to achieve the competency.

Technical Skills

Document Production

  • Format documents using generally accepted business practices. (25)
  • Efficiently create business correspondence using advanced formatting features. (17)
  • Customized Formatting

  • Apply automated and customized formatting to business documents. (13)
  • Create mail merge documents. (5)
  • Create styles and themes in a variety of business documents. (13)
  • Apply problem solving skills when designing a multipage document with created tables and indexes using generally accepted business practices for grammar and sentence structure. (166)
  • Proofreading and Editing Skills

  • Demonstrate proficiency in proofreading and editing skills, including grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation. (169)
  • Compose clearly written business correspondence using correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction. (166)
  • Write business letters, reports, and memorandums following correct format and creating a good impression on the reader. (29)
  • Edit business manuscripts using the revision symbols used by professional editors. (9)
  • Database and Records Management

  • Research and discuss records management need for maintaining records and recorded information. (21)
  • Develop skills in using the systems and procedures required in the information cycle. (29)
  • Apply the principles of filing as they apply to records management systems. (19)
  • Apply problem solving skills to select appropriate technology involved in records management specialized functions. (16)
  • Presentations

  • Design visual presentations for specific audiences and purpose using presentation software. (208)
  • Interpersonal Skills

    Develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding to make informed academic, social, personal, career, and interpersonal decision

  • Display high standards of ethical conduct and behaviors. (19)
  • Pursue appropriate learning activities contributing to lifelong professional growth. (21)
  • Maintain high standards for quality work and responsiveness in providing office administrative services. (18)
  • Better understand self (values, work ethic, attitudes, professional presence, personal wellness, self esteem).

  • Demonstrates behaviors that are consistent with standards for professional and ethical conduct. (51)
  • Function effectively as a member of a diverse team to accomplish common goals. (28)
  • Select career goals with thought and care, value work and the benefits it brings, and adjust to the inevitable changes in the working world.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to serving internal and external customers with quality outcomes. (12)
  • Apply new technical and business information/knowledge to practical use on the job. (11)
  • Research career advancement opportunities. (12)
  • Demonstrate rational approaches to decision making and problem solving.

  • Demonstrate through simulations and case studies continued rational approaches to solutions and remedies for office issues. (20)
  • Use correct oral and written grammar and develop strategies to avoid communication breakdown.

  • Conveys information clearly and effectively. (84)
  • Job Search/Employment

    Job Search and Advancement

  • Demonstrate job search skills required for employment. (388)
  • Demonstrate business awareness and workplace effectiveness. (20)
  • Office Administration Procedures & Theory/Business

    Constantly Changing Workplace/Business

  • Recognize how economic globalization and changing technology contribute to the dynamic workplace. (10)
  • Describe and model the characteristics and conventions of a professional image. (73)
  • Discuss and understand the value of working with a diverse workplace team. (18)
  • Describe the environment of business in the United States. (9)
  • Identify the role of organization in the achievement of business goals. (6)
  • Determine the role of automation in achieving a firm's objectives. (7)
  • Explore the fundamentals of small business. (7)
  • Explore the realm of international business. (8)
  • Workplace Behaviors

  • Apply techniques and systems for self-management and balance to be a productive, efficient worker. (65)
  • Develop a framework for making ethical decisions. (20)
  • Understand and practice leadership behaviors. (39)
  • Develop skills for providing effective customer service and recognize the importance of the organization's commitment to customer service. (23)
  • Communication Essentials

  • Apply appropriate guidelines for writing email, memos, letters, and reports. (42)
  • Prepare and demonstrate effective verbal communication and presentations. (75)